Indian Performing Arts Scholarships

Our aim is to provide an in-depth Indian Performing Arts learning platform for talented Government School children (intially around Malviya Nagar, Delhi initially) and others.

We plan to sponsor HUNDRED 4-year full tuition scholarships to young students in Indian Performing Arts every year to reach a steady state of 400 sponsored students at any given time and an outcome of 100 Senior Diplomas in Music every year.

Diplomas & Degrees

The students earn their Diplomas and Degrees from Prayag Sangeet Samiti.  All scholarship students get sponsorship till Senior Diploma.*

The various stages of learning are:

Junior Diploma – Two Years
Senior Diploma – Four Years

Prabhakar – Six Years

Equivalent to Bachelors of Arts (Music)

It is expected that 25% of our Scholarship students will go on to do Prabhakar

Praveen – Eight Years
Equivalent to Masters of Arts (Music)

It is expected that 10% of our initial students will go on to do Praveen

Senior Experienced Faculty to learn from

A few profiles of the Gurus:

  • She has a Masters from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. She has done vocal renditions with world renowned Singers like Sri Manna De, Sri Kishore Kumar and Sri Kumar Shanu.
  • He is a student of Pandit Birju Maharaj and has dedicated his life to Kathak. He has been teaching for the last 25 year.
  • She has done her Bachelors in Hindustani Classical Music from Allahabad University and has been teaching from the last six years.

Since 1993

Classical Performing Art's struggle

The Indian Classical Performing Art forms have been struggling to survive against Global influences. Expertise in Classical Indian Performing Arts requires multiple years of dedicated effort. Learners today want quicker outcomes and are migrating to easy to learn art forms that do not require continuity or stringent learning discipline. Secondly, there is a continuous decline in a discerning audience (the Kansens).

Additionally, children find it difficult to get in-depth personalized training on Indian classical performing arts because of the high fee requirements (typically costs about Rs. 1,500 per month/ Rs. 18,000 per year). Most Schools provide cursory hobby classes at best, with little knowledge and skill being acquired by the student.

CHENNAI, INDIA - DECEMBER 28: Indian classical dance Kathak preformance by famous exponent Bhirju Maharaj on December 28, 2009 in Chennai, India